Web Developer

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Looking for new opportunities

After 3 years working in France, I give myself a new challenge.
I would like to bring my knowledge and my skills in an english speaking team, in a project where I can integrate a positive and creative team.

I am looking for a great experience.

The most important for me, is the team I will integer. I will give my best to meet expectations and to improve the project I will work on.


List of projects I am actually working on :

Souvenirs de route.fr


Vocabulary application (work in progress)

What I can bring to a team

I think I can help to develop maintainable features, to write good quality code following modern patterns and to solve problems related to code issues.
I would like to share with the others what I know and what I can do the best in a company : Doing websites.

Good things about me

I am a hardworker, I always want to improve myself by learning everytime I can, and I like to help the others.
Also I can be pretty shy, so I like to be in a positive team to be confident faster.

Do you like my profile ?

I hope you do.
Do not hesitate to contact me for more informations or if you want to interview me. I let you my CV so you can get more informations about me.

I talked a lot about me

It's your time to talk, please have a look to my linkedin account if you want to go further with my profile, and send me an e-mail !